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Premium Screen Protector Box For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Premium Screen Protector Box For Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

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Mycasety | Designed specifically for Galaxy S23 Ultra, it offers superior defense against keys and sharp objects. The auto-alignment box ensures a dust and bubble-free application, while the 3D curved hybrid glass design provides full coverage and case compatibility. Enjoy seamless fingerprint unlocking, HD or privacy options. One box include 2 pack screen protectors.

Superior Protection for Galaxy S23 Ultra
Designed specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, our premium screen protector offers exceptional protection against keys and other sharp objects. Say goodbye to screen damage and enjoy peace of mind.

Easy Installation with Magicbox
Experience hassle-free installation with our easy-install magicbox. This innovative solution ensures a seamless application, without dust or bubbles. It's not only convenient but also environmentally friendly.

Dust & Bubble-Free Application
The blue auto-alignment screen protector box guarantees a dust and bubble-free installation. The included dust removal film effectively absorbs dust through static electricity, leaving your screen flawless. Plus, it won't compromise the touch sensitivity of your device.

Full Coverage & Case Friendly
With its 3D curved hybrid glass design, our screen protector provides full coverage for your Galaxy S23 Ultra's display. The precise cutting and unique 3D curved full-cover cutting technology ensure comprehensive protection, while leaving space for easy case integration.

Perfect for Fingerprint Unlocking
Our PphoneCover screen protector supports fingerprint unlocking, allowing you to seamlessly unlock your device. Simply re-scan your fingerprint after application and enjoy the original comfortable touch experience. Rest assured, the adhesive design keeps the screen protector securely in place.

HD or Privacy Screen Options
Choose the screen protector that suits your preferences. Opt for the HD protector to add an extra layer of armor without compromising clarity. Alternatively, select the privacy protector, which offers a maximum privacy angle of 30°, protecting your data privacy in any situation.

Get Extra Protective Films
We have ample stock of the blue mounting box and offer additional protective films for your convenience. Simply click on 'Extra Protective Films' to ensure you always have a backup when you need it. Make sure you alreadly have the blue auto-alignment box.

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