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EASY-INSTALLED Ceramic HD/Privacy Transparent Screen Protector For iPhone

EASY-INSTALLED Ceramic HD/Privacy Transparent Screen Protector For iPhone

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Ceramic HD/Privacy TransparentScreen Protector For iPhone 14 13 12 11 Pro Max Mini

An High Definition screen protector for iPhone 14 /14 pro/14 plus/14 pro max will protect your smartphone and make it durable, further more, it provides a nice amount of privacy.It adds an extra layer to the phone’s screen. The cost of repairing a smartphone’s screen is higher than the cost of a screen protector. As a result, you can invest some money to safeguard that screen from scratches and external shocks. What’s more, we put the films on our easy-installed box which can provide convenient for you to install the films.

What’s the features of the iPhone 14 High Definition Screen Protector Easy-Installed Box?

  • Ultra-thin&Highly Clear
    Only 0.03mm thickness, case friendly designed. No burden on the daily use of the mobile phone. About 99% transparency preserves the original screen or picture brightness.

9H Tempered glass

The screen has undergone secondary strengthening treatment, and the glass hardness reaches 9H, which protects the screen from scratches and impacts by sharp objects such as key blades. Not only protects private data, but also protects the phone screen from shattering.

Easy Installation

Nobody likes bubbles that emerge as a result of a screen protector being misapplied. When you apply it, it makes the screen seem ugly and feels incorrect. As a result, pick a screen protector that comes with an installation frame and a cleaning kit to make the installation procedure as simple as possible. So we specifically designed a easy-to-apply box for iPhone 14 /14 pro/14 plus/14 pro max which make the installation convenient. Since this mounting box can automatically align the screen protector and electrostatic precipitator. Just one pull to install. If you have any concerns, you can refer to this video.

Package include

  • Easy-install Box
  • Glass HD screen protector
  • Cleaning kits
  • Bubble scrapper

Full Edge-to-Edge Coverage

If you’re looking for a screen that can give full coverage for your iPhone 14, then our screen protector can perfectly satisfy you. This mobile phone film is specially designed for the screen of the iPhone 14 /14 pro/14 plus/14 pro max, which guarantees a full fit, no white edges, and no warping. In fact, our manufacturer has specially designed a fully-fitted mobile phone film for a large number of different models of mobile phone screens, and even designed corresponding protective films for some curved screens. Thus , you can know how professional we are in the film production.

Installation video on Youtube

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